Multilink Product Catalog & Configurator

Multilink is an engineering- and product development-based manufacturer of telecommunications network components. Multilink approached us with two goals.

The first was to update their interactive fiber jumper configurator. In only a few short years, their product base had exanded such their old fiber jumper configurator had fallen out of date with the new options they offer for their products. Being one of their key sales tools, it was a priority for them to have their configurator reflect their capabilities and their quality compared to their competitors.

We took the approach that their configurator should be neat, interactive and clean, utilizing JavaScript and HTML5 for their interface. We also recognized that it would not be sufficient to pass off a configurator to them which they could not update on their own. So we made the configurator database driven and provided an interface for them to manage configurator options, steps and rules, allowing them to make updates without hiring a developer.

The second goal that Multilink brought to us, was that their website was in need of an update. Their current site is a bit dated, and Multilink sees that their website is one of the primary conduits to their clients and resources for their salespeople. We won't give too much away, but we're pretty excited about their new website.

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