An easier way to report hours and communicate with team members

Web-based Business Application

Project Scope

Website Design & Development
Custom Business Application Development

Project Overview

Opinions approched us with an interest to redevelop and modernize a software system they rely on to conduct business on a daily basis. The company does market research and surveys people throughout the country in malls and shopping centers. The app is used by their employees to track the surveys and clock in and out. It's used by management to run payroll, track sales, run reports and it also functions as a CRM. Unfrotunately, the app had become quite antiquated and was difficult to support and maintain.

The new system re-invented how they use the app. User interfaces were re-imagined, streamlined and simplified. Since the application was built using modern web technologies, the system can be maintained more easily. Planning, developing and deploying new features is now a plainless process. The investment they made paid off by reducing future development and support costs. It also gives their employees a better user experience, which is critical for increasing productivity.

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