About Us - Our Story

Back in 2008, we began life as a somewhat ordinary web design company. Smart phones were in their infancy and mobile apps didn't exist. But, we loved writing software to solve unique problems for our clients.

We quickly recognized our clients had needs far beyond their websites. We evolved, and started specializing in custom software solutions and strived to be better at it than anyone else.

Today, that evolution positions us as a leading web and mobile software company and allows us to do clean, modern front-end design and develop quality software for companies of all shapes and sizes.

We're a small team that understands modern web and mobile technologies and our partnership mentality allows us to work closely together with our clients and collaborate on projects.

Our team is entirely based in Cleveland, Ohio. This allows us to be more efficient, deliver a better client experience and most importantly, produce quality web and mobile software.

Our mission is to use our creative, technical and problem solving abilities to tackle projects beyond the capabilities of traditional marketing agencies and other web and mobile software companies. Provide custom, scalable solutions that lead to greater efficiency. And, build meaningful relationships, using our expertise to add value and provide unmatched customer service and ongoing support long after the initial project is complete.

A Few People To Contact

Kirk M.


Ryan W.

Lead Developer

Meredith P.

Project Coordinator