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Web + Mobile + AI

Stream 9 is a web and mobile software company. We empower businesses of all sizes through modern web design, mobile apps, AI and machine learning, and web-based applications. We work in collaboration with you to provide the best solutions. With an eye always on the future, our approach maximizes your project's shelf life and the return on your investment.

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Professional web design services for businesses.

AI + Machine Learning

The progress of artificial intelligence is accelerating. Leverage machine learning techniques to stay ahead of the curve. We can help you build a custom AI solutions that will help you bring new capabilities to market, stay competitive in the changing marketplace, and increase your bottom line.

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Website Design

Your website is a powerful marketing tool. That's why it's important to work with a web design company that's sharply focused on creating modern and effective websites. Success requires a detail oriented team with expertise planning, designing and developing for the modern web.

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Custom Software

Stream 9 develops custom software for a variety of objectives, including interactive dashboards, business management tools, browser extensions, API and system integration. We specialize in providing solutions to complex problems and have a passion for solving unique business challenges.

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An innovative new employee benefits program with a web app to match


A modern STEM-focused recruiting firm


Building a state-of-the art hockey performance system.

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