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Project Scope

Web Design & Development
Custom Web Application

Project Overview

AccountingCoach is an online book keeping course and training site. Designed by and developed in partnership with SimpleSquare, users can pay for a "pro" membership to access content not available to "free" non-paying users.

Quizzes, crossword puzzles, interactive flashcards, and word scrambles are just a few of the compelling learning tools we developed to make learning about accounting easy and fun! The site was developed with WordPress and is a great example of a successful e-learning website.

Since launch, the site has grown substantially and we continue to implement new features. Because of high traffic volumes, we've also worked extensively with AccountingCoach to create a server enviroment optimized for performance. The site uses multiple levels of caching, a CDN, and plain old code and asset optimization to ensure the site loads and responds quickly.

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