A guide to finding the right web design company.

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There are thousands of web design and software development companies. Some are large, corporate agencies. Some are smaller, more relaxed, companies comprised of personable professionals. There are freelance developers and college students doing work on the side. There are also many traditional creative/marketing agencies that offer web design and development services to compliment their marketing packages.

So, how to do you choose who to work with? What makes one company different from another? Here's our list of things to consider when choosing who to work with.

“You want to make sure you and your business's personality mesh well with the team working on your project.”

#1. Company/Agency vs. Freelancer
Freelancers are sometimes cheaper and often just as qualified and experienced as the people who work for companies or agencies. However, one downside of working with a freelancer is that you're relying on one person to perform all aspects of the work. Most people aren't good at everything and sometimes having a team of people who work together and utilize their individual strengths result in a better end product. Additionally, having a team of people familiar with your website or application means when someone is unavailable, there's someone else capable of supporting you, which equates to faster response times.

#2. Service Offerings
Another important thing to look at are the services offered by the company. Programming language and technologies: Some companies specialize in certain technologies, but not others. For instance, if you're looking for an ASP.NET development team, you'll want to make sure they support that technology. If you're looking for a PHP developer, you'll want to find a company that specialized in that language. Some companies support a broad range of technologies while others, like us, specialize in a select few (we're Linux, PHP/MySQL, jQuery/AngularJS people). The technology used to build your website may not matter much to you, especially if it's a new project, but if you're looking for a company to support an existing site or application you'll want to know how it was built so you can find the best match. Design: If you need design, you'll want to know if the company provides design services either in-house or through partnering creative agencies. Although you can find separate companies to do design and development, it's best to find one that offers both. Designing for the web requires some experience and knowledge of the limitations and technologies used to build a website that not all designers have. It's also important for the design and development....

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