Spaces or Tabs? The answer is both

There is plenty of discussion on the web as whether you should be indenting with tabs or with spaces. But there's actually another answer: smart tabs. First, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of both spaces and tabs, then we'll look at how smart tabs combines the benefits of each.

30 November 2016
SQL: How to Structure a Database

This tutorial will use MySQL; but most of the concepts we will cover apply more generally to most SQL databases, sometimes with slightly different syntax.

30 November 2016
CSS Guidelines You Don't Hear Often Enough

You should never use ID selectors, only classes. There is a rare exception to this, but first let me illustrate the point.

30 November 2016
Object-Oriented Programming - Part 2 Single-Responsibility and Object-Composition

You may have heard the terms "single-responsibility" and "object-composition" before. We're going to look at what they mean, why they're important, and continue with our Product example to illustrate the point.

30 November 2016
Object-Oriented Programming - Part 1 Data Access and Encapsulation

I will be writing a series on some general OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) concepts. This is the first part.

30 November 2016
We've Open-Sourced Our PHP Framework!

We've recently open-sourced our PHP framework, LiftKit. Feel free to check it out, let us know what you think, or even, possibly use it!

26 March 2015
How much does a website cost?

One of the first questions we often get asked is "how much does it cost to make a website?". It seems like a straight forward question, but in reality it's difficult to answer.

21 November 2014
A guide to finding the right web design company.

If you're reading this, then you're likely trying to find a web design or software development company to help build your website, web-based application or mobile app. How do you know what to look for in a web development company?

01 November 2014
Point of Sale Systems and E-commerce sites.

We create a lot of custom e-commerce websites. Some businesses also have retail locations and run into problems managing inventory. Here's a look at a recent solution we implemented with a web-based point of sale system.

27 October 2014
PHP vs Ruby/Python Syntax

I read a lot about how ugly PHP syntax is and how beautiful Ruby/Python are. I happen to like my brackets.

14 June 2014
How is a great website made?

Ever wonder what the process in building a great web site is? We're here to let you in on the secret.

29 March 2014
Why you SHOULDN'T use WordPress

Most firms out there will rush to sell you Wordpress or some other third-party software out of the box. Find out why this might not be such a good idea.

15 March 2014
What is the difference between web development and web design?

Many non-technical professionals think development and design are equivalent? Ever wondered what the difference between web design and web development is?

14 March 2014
Why should you care about code? (Why your developers matter)

What difference does code make for your business?

13 March 2014
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