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Stream 9 is a custom web development and design company located in the historic Superior Building, in the heart of downtown Cleveland's NineTwelve District. We are a full-service solution, which means we will plan, design and build your website or web application and provide ongoing support, maintence and hosting.

We are a tight-knit group of fun-loving people who take pride in the work we produce, giving you a natural partner for your business' web endeavors.  Don't be mistaken, despite our relaxed attitudes, we are truly very serious about our work and hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to the work we produce.

Stream 9 places an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in our work, and we value your ongoing relationship with us. We stive to provide you with the best ongoing support for your website, app, or web application.

Superior Building Downtown Cleveland

Meet the Team



Kirk enjoys ghost busting with his son and their homemade proton packs (book bags) and brewing beer in the cold. He loves Weird Al Yankovic and all things Cleveland. He is constantly taking on home renovations projects and pulling pranks on his employees. He's a connoisseur of cheeses, IPAs and various types of mini sandwiches.


Lead Developer

Ryan is our resident heckler. He is constantly blurting out random words or sounds throughout any given work day. You can find him waiting outside of Chipotle before they open because he is always hungry by 10 o'clock. He nearly adopted a one-eyed cat before settling on a run-of-the-mill two-eyed cat. He spends his free time golfing without golf gloves, learning new ways to program and eating meat.


Project Manager / Administrator

Jen spends her free time painting in acrylics and binge watching Netflix series. She and her husband have two very hyper dogs and live in Cleveland Heights. She became a vegetarian after watching a documentary and is no longer allowed to go to the casino after realizing that she *might* have a gambling problem.



Matt is the most travelled of all the Stream 9 team. He is constantly making references to this one time when he was in Brazil or Rome or Trinidad and Tobago etcetera. He used to live on a sailboat and now he resides with his wife in his beloved Sandusky. When he isn't dreaming of owning a high-end shoe store, you can find Matt eating meat with Ryan, snowboarding, watching baseball or compulsive cleaning.

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